Tools and Resources

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Student Loans

Credible is a slick tool that allows you to compare all the best rates in a couple minutes. They are an online broker partnering with different entities to offer you the best rate to refinance or consolidate your loans.

Student Loan Calculator

Welcome To Corporate– We built a calculator that allows you to have up to 20 different loans to figure out how to most effectively pay off your debt. Instantaneously, find out how additional monthly payments and lump sum payments can help speed up the process to be debt free.

Internship Programs

Vault – Vault has curated internship programs into different categories such as The 100 Best Internships, Most Prestigious Internships, Best Accounting Internships, and Best Consulting Internships.

Resume Builders

Novoresume is an awesome tool that helps you put together stylish resumes for your big interview. It is not a free tool but I have had great success with it. Click on the link above for a 50% discount I was able to negotiate for your first month. No, I don’t get paid if you use them I am just a big fan. If Novoresume is not your jam check out a couple alternatives Canva or Enhancv.

Resume Scanners

Resume Worded is a neat tool that will scan your resume and LinkedIn Profile. Using AI it provides feedback for how to improve. A few other great tools include Skillsyncer and Jobscan.

Financial Tools 

Personal Capital  is a phenomenal tool that helps you with track your net worth. As you start contributing to your 401ks, HSA, etc. This site will pull in everything and give you all of your data in one spot. Still can’t believe it is free.  If you aren’t a fan, many people use Mint or YNAB. If all of this seems foreign to you check out some fantastic financial blogs here Money Man Mustache, Mad Fientist, Four Pillar Freedom, and a long list of other options.

Video Builders

Biteable – Is a slick tool that allows you to create visual appealing videos in minutes. I have used this in the past with success. They have since increased the number of clips in stock footage as well as their prices. If you are trying to create a video to stand out to your employer this could still be a viable solution. A competitors out there that I haven’t used are Animaker and Moovly

Job Search Framework

Welcome To Corporate– Shameless plug for one of the tools we are most proud of creating. This framework is essential when you are job searching. Gives you a list of questions to think about and lays out a rough plan of how to find that perfect job. We understand that not everyone has family or friends working in corporate America so we wanted to help those who need it most.

Development Programs

Welcome To Corporate– Free list of different development programs to jump start your career. They vary by function. We are adding new opportunities to the list all the time. Don’t just start your career but launch it.

Project / Time Management

Trello – is my main tool for managing different projects. I love the seamless transition from desktop to mobile. I only use the free version but I know they have a paid option with all the bells and whistles. A few other alternatives I have used are Asana, Todoist, or here is a long list of options.

Career Database

Financial Tool Belt’s Career Database has put together an awesome Career Database that is user friendly. If you have no idea where to start and trying to understand what different careers pay this is fantastic place to start

Smart Phone

A lot of times when you leave college it can be the first time you have to get your own phone plan. Now, I currently use a Pixel 3a on the Google Fi network. But if I needed a new phone I would be looking at the the Samsung Galaxy A20 unlocked. Especially with Amazon offering a 20% cashback promotion if you have their credit card right now.

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