Relocation = Promotion

When I think about the leaps in my career, it usually is accompanied by relocation. Either a new city department, company, etc. Relocation to a new city can be excitingly terrifying. I completely understand the reluctance to move. There can be a myriad of reasons not to move. 

  • But I have never lived anywhere else.

  • But my family is all here.

  • I don’t know anyone there.

  • What if I hate the new city?

  • I don’t have the money / Moving is a hassle

I can’t sit here and say it will be easy to move and it always works out. However, I have relocated successfully and it forced me to grow in ways I initially viewed impossible.

There are several unknowns and a change it won’t work out. But you should still take advantage of the opportunity if it presents itself. Why? First, most people don’t want to relocate for all the reasons mentioned above. But I have found being open to relocation puts you on the fast track for success. There was an opportunity at my work than required relocation and none of my peers were willing to move. Now, I am making virtually double what I was before! Recently, I spoke with a mentor who shared the sentiment about how he was able to climb the ladder much faster by relocating to new cities and new companies.

If you still aren’t sold yet,  let’s break down each objection.

But I have never lived anywhere else.

Awesome. It’s a perfect opportunity to experience new people, culture and learn. Moving forces you to get out of your comfort zone and grow as a person. You can either marvel in the beauty with childlike wonderment or be a pessimist.

But my family is all here.

If you are taking care of an ailing family member I get it. However, there is something to be said about being able to blaze your own trail. Family is always a call, drive, flight, or facetime away. I have lived away from home for several years. But between the group chats, facetime calls, and funny memes I feel closer than ever to them.

I don’t know anyone there.

Great opportunity to make new/more friends. It won’t happen overnight and many times it forces you out of the house to get involved. But there are sports leagues, meetups, volunteering, coworker happy hours, etc. There are tons of opportunities to be social and meet people.

What if I hate the new city?

You can always move back home. It’s not going anywhere, so from that perspective what is the risk? What will you regret more? Trying something new and having it now or not trying at all?

I don’t have the money / Moving is a hassle

Sell your stuff and downsize. Maybe you will find joy with less stuff. Don’t want to sell your stuff? Hire a moving company to help with the process. Don’t have the money? Ask your employer for a relocation package or maybe they have a program designed specifically to help candidates like you

If you are serious about advancing your career you should always consider relocation. Because if other people will take advantage of the opportunity.

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