Hope For Liberal Art Majors

Congratulations on graduating. That is an accomplishment in itself. However, I found many friends who didn’t graduate with a STEM degree sometimes struggle post-school.

If you are in that group, don’t worry just yet. There is still a tremendous amount of opportunity out there for you. You can capitalize on the opportunities but it won’t be easy and will require a change in thinking.

Back to Basics

Let’s start from ground zero. You have a four-year degree that shows employers you are competent and willing to follow through on your commitments.

Chances are you have thousands of dollars of debt with a grace period about to expire. Start at SOFI to see if you can refinance or put together a plan so you mitigate racking up more debt on your highest interest loan. Once you have a rough game plan it will give you more peace and we’ll make it even easier to double down on your search for employment.

As a Liberal Art Major, you probably had very limited training/workshops about business. Let me give you a crash course. Businesses need to profit to survive and as long as you are providing more value than how much you cost you are putting yourself in a position to succeed.

I can already hear the objections from here

“I have no experience.”

“My major liberal art major doesn’t apply”

“This is not my passion”

“But I have no idea what I want “

All of these can be overcome.

Fallacy #1. I have no experience.

It is quite possible you don’t have the experience of a specific job. Millions of people are in the same boat. Also, I want to be a VP at Google but I don’t meet the requirements, yet. But if you can show the hiring manager you are intelligent, energetic and willing to learn you have a great shot at getting the opportunity.

Apply for an internship. Don’t know where to start? Check out Vault, they rank some of the best internships. Don’t know how to create a resume? Check out our Tools and resources for creative ones. The creativity will be a selling point to show off your ability to think outside the box

Also, search for entry-level jobs that are tailored for college graduates. Check out these development programs for another place to start.

Fallacy #2. My major liberal art major doesn’t apply.

If you are applying to be an engineer you are probably right. However, I have found that employers value one’s willingness to prepare sometimes more than a major (again, depends on the type of job). As my mentor says,  “Always be the most prepared person in the room.” Personal example – I applied for a job that wanted 3 years of professional experience and 3 years of experience in a pharmacy. Surprisingly, I got the job. My hiring manager told me I earned it because of how well I prepared, positive attitude, and an eagerness to learn. A lot of times, it is easier for the company to mold you vs hiring other more qualified candidates.

Fallacy #3. This is not my passion.

There is no “perfect” job. However, it is still possible to find elements of a job you enjoy. Contrary to the message from the self-help gurus I’m not a fan of the burn the boats and follow your passion. We all have heard about the success stories. What about all the other people who were not as fortunate? Therefore, I subscribe to the philosophy of Cal Newport “Be So Good Can’t Ignore You.”

Fallacy #4. I have no idea where to start.

The task of finding a job/starting a career can be daunting with the overwhelming number of opportunities that exist out there. I am not going to pretend it is easy for everyone. We firmly believe our framework will help you answer questions yourself and future to put you on a path of upward trajectory. If you don’t see the value in this exercise just remember that nothing in life is permanent and you have the power to change your situation at any time.

Now, that we got that out of the way and you understand there are opportunities out there for you. What’s Next?

The Essentials

First, update your resume, write a cover letter and find a few you references. To learn more about how to strategically land job offers read how I was able to land 4 final round interviews and 3 job offers. Let’s fast forward, you just accepted an offer and you want to hit the ground running. Read the first 90 days on how to do just that.

Now, it is possible this is the first time you will have significant money coming into your bank account. First opportunity to use 401ks, IRAs, HSAs, ESPP, etc. I attached a few links of people who explained it more eloquently than I can. By the type of content, I am linking to I am sure it’s clear I am a big proponent of FIRE or at least aggressive savings to prepare yourself for the future.


As this article is written in 2019 we have an abundance of open jobs. Employers can’t find a qualified candidate fast enough. Above all, we are experiencing a talent drought, not a lack of opportunity.

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